The Highlights of the CGS Show

The Highlights of the CGS Show

After the CGS show that was held back in 2010 in Boston, we have gotten a lot of mail and people visiting us with the question when will be the next similar show. Well, unfortunately, we cannot give you an exact answer because we didn’t think about making a second Consumer Genetics Show. However, because of the great interest that we got and the positive feedback from the first show, we are planning a second one.

post2aAs mentioned, we don’t have any details when it happens, but we can say that it has a possibility of happening shortly. Of course, this was the answer for everyone that was asking us, but that didn’t make them happy, and because of that we decided to write this short article where we will be talking about the first Consumer Genetics Conference and mention some of the highlights of that event. This way we hope that we can at least satisfy some of our clients.


One of the highlights for us that we didn’t expect to see at all was the number of visitors that showed up at this conference. When we first got the idea of creating this conference we thought that maybe just a few people would be interested at first. Then when we started creating and organizing everything, we realized that people were interested in attending the show. However, we never, not even once thought that we would have so many people come and see us and listen to our presentations. post2bThis was the highlight of that night for us, and that is all thank you. We needed to take a couple of days break after the first show because we couldn’t get ourselves together, we were that shocked by the number of visitors that we had.

The Process

One of the biggest highlights for our visitors was the part of the conference where we were talking about the importance of our process and explaining how it works. After the show was over, we have gotten a lot of requests from people who wanted to talk with us privately about the process part because they were so interested in it. Unfortunately, we were not able to do any of those requests because were exhausted after that conference and we still had some interview to give out. However, if we create this show once again, we will make sure to cover the process part and make everything much more detailed. That way, we hope there will be no more people with questions. After all, our mission and goal of these conferences are to educate people about the thing that we do, and that is genetic research.


CGC Genetics and Tech Science

CGC Genetics and Tech Science

Learning about a person’s genetics is a fascinating thing, and not many people get the chance to learn about this. So, if you are presented with the chance to learn about your genetics at some point, we strongly suggest that you use that opportunity and find out some information about yourself that you never know. The reason why it is so uncommon for someone to get their genes tested is that this process requires some very advanced pieces of technology that is extremely rare and expensive. Here are some of the things that you need to have to begin the process of genetic testing.

Advanced Technology

post1bTechnology is a key tool when it comes to the process of genetic testing. This type of technology cannot be found easily, it is unique and because of that, it is extremely expensive. That is one of the many reasons why not many people get the chance to do this process. There are not many companies or clinics that offer this type of service to patients. This equipment is specially designed, and it is made for just this process. It is using the latest and most advanced technology that you can find in the world.

When it comes to learning about your genes or just looking at them, you need to have very precise and accurate readings and results. Having accurate results is only possible if you have the latest technology available. Luckily for you, we have everything that you need and even more, so if you want to learn, we are the best option that you have.


Most likely a lot of you have guessed by now that for this process, it is not just enough to have all the right equipment if you don’t apply any science. What allows us to learn about our genetics is science, and without it, even the technology wouldn’t exist. So we have to be very thankful for all the scientific improvements and discoveries because they go us where we are today.


Of course, nothing can work without professionals. We have some of the brightest minds in science working for us to improve our overall qualities and also to improve the science that is in this process. These doctors who are working in the field of science have over fifteen years of professional experience. They are using all of that experience to their advantage as they should. Working with genetics is not an easy job, and because of that, not many people in the world are even qualified to work with them.

If you want to get the best results, then you need to have the best people who are working with the best equipment. It is not easy to find a place like that, but luckily for you, we are here to help you out. We have everything that you want to have during a personal genetic testing process; you just have to visit us.


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