Month: October 2017

The Highlights of the CGS Show

After the CGS show that was held back in 2010 in Boston, we have gotten a lot of mail and people visiting us with the question when will be the next similar show. Well, unfortunately, we cannot give you an exact answer because we didn’t think about making a second Consumer Genetics Show. However, because of the great interest that we got and the positive feedback from the first show, we are planning a second one. As mentioned, we don’t have any details when it happens, but we can say that it has a possibility of happening shortly. Of...

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CGC Genetics and Tech Science

Learning about a person’s genetics is a fascinating thing, and not many people get the chance to learn about this. So, if you are presented with the chance to learn about your genetics at some point, we strongly suggest that you use that opportunity and find out some information about yourself that you never know. The reason why it is so uncommon for someone to get their genes tested is that this process requires some very advanced pieces of technology that is extremely rare and expensive. Here are some of the things that you need to have to begin...

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