Using Science and the Latest Technology You Can Now Look into Your Personal Genetics

Your Benefit

Accurate Readings

Accurate Readings is what you can get if you choose our services. Other similar clinics don’t have nearly accurate results as we do.

No Pain

No Pain that is guaranteed if you come to us. We have only professional people working here and they will make sure you feel nothing.

Affordable pricing

Affordable pricing  is also a benefit that a lot of people want to have. We are now offering this process for a very affordable price.

Fast Results

Fast Results are one of the best benefits that you can have if you choose our services, you can have the results in just a few days.

Customer Service

Great Customer Service is always a great benefit to have when working with a company. With us, you will get the best services.

Fast Process

Fast Process, this means that you will not have to sit through an entire day just to get this test done.

Our Services


Consultations are available for every client that wants to look into the details of his genetics. These consultations are here to help people understand how this process works and more importantly what will they get out of it.

Genetics Testing

Genetics Testing, of course, our main service that we provide for our clients using only the latest technology and applying scientific knowledge from professionals who dedicated their entire life to this. This process is fast and pain-free.

Your Testimonial

“I have always wanted to know more about my genetics, and now that the technology gives us the chance to look into it, I had to try it out.” 

Mark Hall

“A chance like this to test my genetics and know more about myself was something that I wouldn’t miss for anything. This genetic show provided me with all the information.”

David Pierce

“If you are interested in knowing more about the importance of personal genetics or if you just want to educate yourself, then I strongly suggest visiting this genetic show.”

Peter Jefferson

Frequently asked questions from our customers

ILMN process?

ILMN will not provide interpretation of the data to the physician, although the patient may choose to engage one of four service providers to provide data analysis and interpretation options downstream of its genome sequencing services.

How long is the process?

The entire process shouldn’t take you a long time; we cannot say exactly how many days you need to wait to get the result because it is always a difference. However, usually, it is less than five days.

Does the patient need to sign a consent form?

Yes, the patient that wants to see personal genetics has to sign a consent form before the process can begin. After signing the form, the doctor will start the process.

Do you need to pay everything at once?

No, you don’t have to pay for everything at once. You can pay the first half when the doctor collects your blood and saliva. Then, you pay the other half when the results come back in a few days.

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